Malnor is proud to announce that January 2013 marks the beginning of our new and independent title Shopping & Retail Southern Africa.

Shopping & Retail Southern Africa will cater for the shopping centre owners, developers, managers, marketers and support services for the ever-growing retail sector and in addition will broaden our horizons into Africa which altogether forms the backbone of the shopping centre environment.

Editorially we offer an unbiased platform where every developer, property owner, retailer and supplier gets equal opportunity to showcase their portfolio. The content will remain up to date and accurate but the variety of articles on offer will be boosted under our new name and banner.

A section of the magazine is geared specifically to draw attention to the showcasing of retail products, technology and retail news. Readers are also assured of industry news, insightful analysis and key data – effectively all that is required to keep abreast of the Southern African retail industry.


Our own researched database of 5000 readers will be representative of the entire market.


Shopping –

  • Architects;
  • Mall theme Concept Originators;
  • Attorneys;
  • Financial Institutions;
  • Facilities Management
  • Leasing Agents;
  • Landscape Enhancers;
  • Listed Property Portfolio Managers;
  • Market Research Consultants;
  • Property Developers;
  • Project Managers;

Retail –

  • Regional and store managers,
  • Buyers and procurement managers
  • Human resources managers
  • Security managers,
  • Merchandising, marketing and promotion managers,
  • IT managers,
  • Financial managers.
  • Warehouse

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