eduSAmag is a new communication initiative born by public request.
Due to our past expertise and effectiveness in the education industry with the Education Southern Africa magazine we concluded to be of greater service to education by equipping parents to assist their children in their educational journey.
eduSAmag’s main aim is to partner with parents in their children’s education. We cater for learners and students at all education levels ie:
preschool, primary school, high school, university, or college. We also look at special needs education as well as home schooling.
Editorially we cover news, insights and advice from experts, new ideas, unique products and services, plus guidance for the education, sports activities, nutrition and overall well-being of learners.
The magazine consists of the following sections:
EdTech – education technology
Special Focus
Special Ed
Primary education
Secondary education
Tertiary Education
Our digital copy is distributed free of charge to all parents with children in  the education environment. 
We also reach all the teachers in southern Africa which gives us a unique  opportunity to bring the parent and teacher together in a learner’s education.